Monday, November 26, 2012

CARPE DIEM - Animation by Dimitri Kozma

Carpe Diem is a funny and cute animated music video created by Dimitri Kozma with the music of Brazilian musician Syd Back and his band Antiphona.

The movie shows a journey following Blue and his new friend Pink in a surreal and colorful world.

Fun for all ages. Enjoy!

I've made this video mixing many animation techniques, like stop motion with clay animation, graphic animation, 3D computer graphics, 2D handmade, cutout animation, among others.

You can buy the CD and download the music for free visiting the Antiphona website here.

Movie by: Dimitri Kozma
Music by: Syd Back

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

InPrint Art Magazine 8

The great art magazine, InPrint was published some of my artworks.
Check it out below the online version of the magazine.

updated with the screens:

If you want see all the magazine issues, go to this link.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lascivious - Surreal Art By Dimitri Kozma

This is a surrealist illustration called "Lascivious", with some interpretation of sex, lust and religious for this weird character. Line art illustrated in an analog way some years ago and digitally finished just now.

I hope you like it. Click to enlarge.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Hell's Dog - Character Design by Dimitri Kozma

I like this funny and creepy Hell's Dog created a long time ago and just digitally painted. It's a funny cartoon character. Maybe someday I do something with this guy. Sometimes it's nice get an old illustration and reinvent it, on that case, with a color version.

Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art Exhibition in Vancouver

Brazilian Week in Vancouver! Art exhibition with my paintings and other Brazilian artists and much more!

Starts today at CBC studios - Vancouver. Check out the schedule and make sure you don't miss out on anything. By Bca Vancouver

Monday, July 16, 2012

Free Fall - Illustration by Dimitri Kozma

Art in my freaky style called "Free Fall" shows a stoned suicidal in the edge of a abyss thinking in the consequences. Simple and funny.
Illustration made on paper and pen and digitally painted.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Resident - Surreal Art by Dimitri Kozma

Resident is a weird surreal painting created with traditional technique and finished on digital. I really like this creepy artwork, with a lot of subtext and hidden symbolism.  Click to enlarge.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Faith - Surreal Painting by Dimitri Kozma

"Faith" is a surreal illustration made in 2003 and now I made the color version, because I like the strong symbolism of this image and it need to have more visibility. Made with pen and paper and colored digitally. 

I will not speak about the subject, because I think it is self explanatory, and I like the audience have his own interpretation for the artwork.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Square - Surreal Character by Dimitri Kozma

This is a weird character called "The Square". Made with surreal automatism (or psychic automatism). It is a litthe nasty, but I like this guy. Made by hand with paper and pen and finished on computer. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

TEASER TRAILER - "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures"

Release of teaser trailer for my new film, a dark comedy with horror. "Horário Nobre ou Banquete Para Urubus - Sexo e Violência na TV!" or "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!"

"A Family Movie for Daddy, Mommy, the baby, the daughter and the whole family to enjoy!"

Written and Directed by Dimitri Kozma
With: Marcelo Galbetti, Elaine Thrash Oliveira, Rubens Mello, Alejandro Ferraiolo Mangione, Geisla Fernandes, Barbara Manoela Bijos Maués. Produced by Dimitri Kozma, Renata Moura, Geisla Fernandes, Fabiana Ferlin and Pamela Jaque.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Newspaper for HORARIO NOBRE movie

This is the newspaper "O Estado Popular" created for my new movie "Horário Nobre ou Banquete Para Urubus - Sexo e Violência na TV!" or "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!".

It is in Portuguese and contains dozens of references and hidden stuff. Click to enlarge.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poster for "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!"

This is the poster for my new film, a dark comedy with horror. "Horário Nobre ou Banquete Para Urubus - Sexo e Violência na TV!" or "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!"

"Family Movie for Daddy, Mommy, the baby, the daughter and the whole family to enjoy!" ;-)

Written and Directed by Dimitri Kozma
Starring: Marcelo Galbetti, Elaine Thrash Oliveira, Rubens Mello, Alejandro Ferraiolo Mangione, Geisla Fernandes, Barbara Manoela Bijos Maués. Produced by Dimitri Kozma, Renata Moura, Geisla Fernandes, Fabiana Ferlin and Pamela Jaque.


Eriberto Luiz – Marcelo Galbetti
Marlene Meireles – Elaine Thrash Oliveira
Jesus – Rubens Mello
Argentino – Alejandro Mangione
Karen Rodrigues – Barbara Manoela
Publicity Lady - Geisla Fernandes
Audience 1 - Rafael Campos
Audience 2 - Maria Claudia Kozma
Kid 1 - Nathalia Campos
Kid 2- Eric Kozma

Written and Directed by Dimitri Kozma
Director Assistant: Geisla Fernandes
Editing: Dimitri Kozma
Compositing: Dimitri Kozma

Executive Producer: Renata Moura
Producer: Renata Moura, Barbara Maués, Fabiana Ferlin, Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma
Photography: Dimitri Kozma
Light: Henrique Ventorin
TP Operation: Fabiana Ferlin
Audio: Henrique Ventorin
Studio: Inclusiva Filmes

Found Footage:
Executive Producer: Dimitri Kozma, Geisla Fernandes
Producer: Pamela Jaque , Fabiana Ferlin, Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma
Photography: Rubens Mello, Alejandro Mangione, Dimitri Kozma
Make up FX: Rubens Mello

Special Thanks to Cláudia Cotes

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teaser poster for "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!"

Just out of the oven the teaser poster for my new film, a dark comedy and horror. "Horário Nobre ou Banquete Para Urubus - Sexo e Violência na TV!" or "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!"

Soon I intend to launch the online teaser trailer of this film that will be displayed in some movie festivals!

"Family Movie for Daddy, Mommy, the baby, the daughter and the whole family to enjoy!" ;-)

Written and Directed by Dimitri Kozma
Starring: Marcelo Galbetti, Elaine Thrash Oliveira, Rubens Mello, Alejandro Ferraiolo Mangione, Geisla Fernandes, Barbara Manoela Bijos Maués. Produced by Dimitri Kozma, Renata Moura, Fabiana Ferlin e Pamela Jaque.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Debate in the "Cycle of Fantastic Film" after display of a session with Dimitri Kozma's short movies at MIS - Museum of Image and Sound in Campinas, Brazil, on April 6, 2012.

Unfortunately I could not be present, but personally I was thrilled to watch this debate, to hear the passionate opinions about my work and my art.

It's great to know that people understand the proposals and see that we have room to display something different of the "Status Quo". Interestingly, when the work is done with your soul, it finds resonance in other people.

I especially enjoyed the comments about my favorite movie, the surreal "Entre Espelhos e Sombras" (Between Mirrors and Shadows), which breaks the established patterns of a film and led to a so interesting and rich discussion.

I thank you publicly here to Robson Clério, curator of the show, to provides a so rewarding experience.

Thanks also to Geisla Fernandes, major partner of so many projects, the director of "Necrochorume," our youngest son, who was first introduced in the MIS exhibition.

Unfortunately the video debate is only on Portuguese language, so, if you don't understand, let's hope for a subtitled version in the future.

If you want to watch many of my movies, you can visit my YouTube channel here:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cyborgs On Crack - Rapid Eye Movement

A "Newgrounds" budy, Patrick88, with the "virtual band" called Cyborgs On Crack, made this indie and alternative mini music album "Rapid Eye Movement" with my illustration "The Ballon Tree" as cover art.

You can download the album for free and share with anyone. Here's the download link:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Elderly Loneliness and the Cinema - Painting by Dimitri Kozma

This is a digital painting for a documentary called "A Solidão e o Cinema na Terceira Idade", somenthing like "The Loneliness and the cinema in the elderly". Shows a empty theater with only one person at the audience, a old man watching a lonely beach scene at a movie.

It's a iconic image to represent the theme of the documentary and I like it a lot. All digital made painting based and created over real pictures assembly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kazuo Ohno - Painting

This painting was made as a concept for a project. I created based on japanese actor Kazuo Ohno. All digital made on ArtRage software.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Necrochorume - Horror Short Movie Teaser Trailer

This is the first teaser trailer for our new film, "Necrochorume". Zombies that arise due to environmental disasters. Watch here. Hope you enjoy!

Based on a true research on an environmental problem recurring in some cemeteries from Brazil, came the "Necrochorume", short film that bears the name of the liquid from the decomposition of bodies, which through the underground water table, began to mix to the water intended for human consumption.

The necrochorume through the water, carries the inactivated virus from the dead to the living healthy body, where they become active. In fiction, we work with the first virus that causes a generalized infection, bringing pain fulminating consequent "death" and subsequent zombification of the infected organism.

The transformation is rapid and short focuses on the point of view of a young redneck that is taken by surprise in a family lunch, which takes his girlfriend to be presented. During the brief narrative, Zeca face the dilemma: hunger versus love.

The key point of the film is to show the danger that bureaucracy and lack of care in the cemeteries can bring to the population, within a narrative fantasy of black humor, in which the consumption of contaminated water turns citizens into zombies, causing a growing epidemic, the interior of Brazil for the rest of the world.

Watch the teaser trailer in portuguese.

Screenplay and Direction: Geisla Fernandes
Assistant director: Dimitri Kozma
Executive Producer: Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma
Production: Pamela Jack, Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma
Photo: Dimitri Kozma and René Lolli Muniz
Art Direction: Elise Miyazaki
Assistance of art: Geisla Fernandes
Makeup Effects: Rubens Mello
Edit: Dimitri Kozma
Composition and Digital Effects: Dimitri Kozma
CGI Animation: Dimitri Kozma
Post-production: Vinicius Bock

Patrick MacGuinness, Elise Miyazaki, Pamela Jaque, Alejandro Mangione, Fabiana Ferlin, Rubens Mello, Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma

Soundtrack: Hitchcocks

Thanks: Vinicius Bock, Tatiane Lion, Fabiana Ferlin, Pamela Jaque, Alejandro Mangione, Olga Birth, Ary Fernandes, "Aunt" Viera.

Production: Orbe Midia Films -

Copyright (c) 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bananas Podres - Animation Trailer for a Brazilian Book

This is a new animation work created by me. It's a trailer for a Brazilian book called "Bananas Podres" (Rotten Bananas) created by writer Teodoro Balaven. It's in Portuguese, but you can appreciate the images.

If you want read the book online for free, you can visit the author website here. It's only in Portuguese.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sexy Woman in Underwear - Painting by Dimitri Kozma

This is a new painting made all digital on Art Rage Studio and using a Wacom tablet. It's a concept art with a sexy girl in underwear.

I was thinking in create some cool outfits, but the girl with plain white underwear is so nice looking and I decided quit this stupid idea to put more clothes on her. :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blues Guy

This is my new character created for a coming soon animation. His name is Blues Guy and I love his personality. First a created the draft by hand on paper and created the guy on digital vector graphics.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My animation "Constellation" has been Pirated

I don't know if I get angry or happy, because one of my animation work has just been pirated by a guy who stole my entire animation and put his own music on it, re-editing to fit the time of his music and of course remove all the credits.

Who told me this was a YouTube user, probably a fan of my work, immediately when he saw the robbery, tried to warn me:

I'd like to let you know there's someone using your animation CONSTELLATION with no credits and no telling the source either.
His name: William Corbo
His channel:
Your animation on his channel:

The thief's name is William Corbo and the song's name is "Memories." If only he had consulted me, I don't know if I would authorize, but could talk about creating a video for him, perhaps at a low cost.

For those who don't know, here's the link to my original animation, made for the Spanish band called Metropol.

I don't know how long the video will stay in the air, because I already made a claim on YouTube about Copyright Infringement Notification, but the link below will show his "work".

If the pirate video has offline, here's a screenshot for posterity.

As I said, I can not stop to feeling a little proud to have a pirated work, is a sign that people are enjoying it. I am even happier because I received an email from a person who I don't know denouncing the case.

The day I see my films being sold at illegal pirate sellers on streets, then I will be impossible. :-)

The Youtube staff was quick. On the same day I received an email telling: "Thank you very much for your notification. The content has been removed."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fantastic Cinema Festival in Campinas with Dimitri Kozma Movies and Animations

In April 6th, 2012 at MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) in Campinas, Brazil, the festival "Ciclo de Cinema Fantástico" will present a special day with a antology of my movies and animations with fantasy, supernatural or surrealism as theme.

This will be the premiere of Necrochorume, and I'm very happy with this honor. My movies on the special day will be:

A Dor (The Pain) - Dimitri Kozma | 10 min.
O Colecionador (The Collector) (Animação) - Dimitri Kozma | 1 min.
Depois da Meia-Noite (After Midnight) - Dimitri Kozma | 5:43 min.
Valentina - Dimitri Kozma | 1 min.
Entre Espelhos e Sombras (Between Mirrors and Shadows) - Dimitri Kozma | 19:33 min.
Art Gallery Game - Dimitri Kozma | 1:20 min.
Necrochorume - Geisla Fernandes / Dimitri Kozma | 11 min.
Meu Coração (My Sweetheart) - Dimitri Kozma | 1 min.

Visit MIS Campinas website for more information.

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