Thursday, July 29, 2010

Constellation on TiVo now!

Good news! I just received this e-mail from TiVo and Openfilm:

Congratulations! We have selected your film, Constellation - Animation by Dimitri Kozma, to be included in our next TiVo programming block on July 29, 2010.

Openfilm partnered with TiVo in order to give their DVR users on-demand access to the best film on the web directly to their televisions.

Now, your work will be seen by millions of subscribers in their living rooms.

Each week we will rotate our programming and share three to four films from the Openfilm site with the TiVo audience. Openfilm is now a part of a select group of independent film websites that give their content providers the chance to show their incredible work, for free, to the TiVo audience.

Share this link to the TiVo website to promote your film's scheduled screening: Arts Channel and Drama Channel.

This partnership is just another milestone in our effort to provide the best advantages to the filmmakers who make Openfilm what it is today.

Congratulations again, your work deserves to be seen by millions.
The Openfilm Team

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fat Cartoon Guy - CGI Mudbox Modeling

This is another quick sketch CGI modeling experiment on Autodesk Mudbox. This is a cartoon fat guy made with a basic sphere shape using a tablet Bamboo in about 1 hour.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mudbox Quick Stupid Guy

A very quick sculpture made in 10 minutes on Autodesk Mudbox, just to practice. A stupid funny guy. It's not finished, but I think it never will...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ANIMAMUNDI - Web&Cel voting postponed!

I just got this message from Animamundi. Please, guys, if you can help and spread this, will make a big difference! :-)

Dear friends,
A little bit of suspense doesn't hurt anyone!
We've decided to postpone the announcement for the Anima Mundi Web & Cel 2010 to the last day of the Festival in Sao Paulo on Sunday August 1st.

With this, the voting has also been postponed to Saturday July 31st!
If you haven't voted yet, this is a good opportunity to watch the films and take part in the Cyber Jury!
Your help is very important. Vote is fast and easy, just make your login  on Animamundi website and click on 5 star on the animation page. Please, vote in both movies to increase the chances.

Enter on the links bellow to vote: (it's in portuguese)

Constelação (Constellation)

O Colecionador (The Collector)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 Boring Hours - 24 season 9 - Unemployed Jack Bauer

The tribute to 24 series and Jack Bauer. I created the animation with season 9 to all fans. I hope you like it.

The exclusive animation with 24 hours TV Fox series, season 9, unemployed Jack Bauer.
What happen after end? What happen with Jack Bauer after the end of 24 series?

A movie by Dimitri Kozma

Copyright (c) - Dimitri Kozma

24 Hours Jack Bauer Season 9 Animation cartoon humor funny fox Dimitri Kozma

Friday, July 16, 2010

Animamundi 2010 - Campaign to Vote

I'd like to ask for a favor for you. Two of my animations are finalists on Festival Animamundi Web. The winner will be defined to public choose and I'd like to ask for you vote in my videos and ask for your friends do the same.

Your help is very important. Vote is fast and easy, just make your login  on Animamundi website and click on 5 star on the animation page. Please, vote in both movies to increase the chances.

Enter on the links bellow to vote: (it's in portuguese)

Constelação (Constellation)

O Colecionador (The Collector)

Thank you so much for your help! :-)
Dimitri Kozma

Friday, July 9, 2010

Casino Roulette

This is a CGI Modeling for a Casino Roulette table that I have created for a Casino Online gambling Website. All details are there, the different bet coins, the dateils on the wheel, the complete table, etc. You can see the small details of model in any level of zoom. Made in 3DS Max.
If you are interested on buy the mesh 3D model, including the textures, please, contact me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dimitri Kozma's Interview for Crack Magazine

I made this interview for Agustín Apud to Crack Art Magazine number 4. Bellow you will see the complete text, on magazine you can see the Spanish version too.

Dimitri Kozma - Interview to a Crack.

CrackMG - Where were you born?

Dimitri Kozma - I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil

CrackMG - Did you go to college? Where did you go? What did you study?

Dimitri Kozma - Yes I did. I have a degree in Plastic Arts, computer graphics and multimedia, from a Sao Paulo College

CrackMG - Where are you living at the present?

Dimitri Kozma - In Vancouver, Canada

CrackMG - Are you working? What are you doing?

Dimitri Kozma - I have my own company in Brasil since 2000, called Orbe Midia ( and I’m starting a new media company in Vancouver.
Also, I’m a freelance worker and I’m open to interesting projects.

CrackMG - If you have to say in a few words, who are you…what are those Word that represents you?

Dimitri Kozma - I’m literally a multimedia artist. I like to work in many forms of expression, since illustration, painting, video, sculpting, writing, animation, comic books, games, CGI, short movies, photograph, toy art design, etc

CrackMG - If you have to define your art, how do you do it?

Dimitri Kozma - It’s difficult to define my art by myself. I think it’s is a little surreaI in some works... Weird, perhaps... I like to provoque a reaction, make the audience feel emotions in some kind of way. Working with different layers of interpretation, forcing the person to think about that. Sometimes I use humor to show something more deeply in the human character. Some people realize this sub-text, others just see the superficial reading of the work. I like this individual interpretation.
I do my work in different ways, sometimes working only analogically, drawing, painting or sculpting by hand, sometimes making only digitally, and sometimes mixing the techniques and tools, wich I like most, integrating the real life elements, more organic feeling, with computer.

CrackMG - What is your inspiration to do art?

Dimitri Kozma - I like the surrealists, Dali, Magritte, Duchamp, Breton, Frida, Bosch, Man Ray. To my text, my biggest inspiration is the Brazilian writer Nelson Rodrigues. 50’s comic book from EC, such as Tales From The Crypt was a good inspiration for me too.
On movies, I love Buñuel, I also like Cronenberg, Lynch, Almodovar, Romero, Fulci, Bava, José Mojica Marins, Kubrick, Tarantino, Jodorowsky, Takashi Miike, Argento.
I can’t forget to mention Leon Ferrari, a master in subversive art.
Other clear inspirations are pop art, cartoons, gothic art, experimental and underground art.

CrackMG - Evidently you have your own style, and every topic is reflected in each one of works. This style or way to work is something that you developed or you have a artist as referent that it works in the same way?

Dimitri Kozma - I developed different styles, depending of the objective, public, reason and mood.
In fact, I don’t know an artist who works in the same style than me. I’ve trying to traffic between unique styles and I've developed some visual references so particular in my work.
For example, there’s my cartoon freaky style, those weird characters, with fragile arms, creepy old skin and spooky button inserted eyes. It took me some years to develop this style as unique in my work. Now this is one of my exclusive styles.
In my surreal related art, I work a lot with psychic automatism techniques, with consist in let your mind running free, in the total absence of reason.
I am trying to develop completely different styles all the time. I think it's important to show a variety of techniques and visual results, do not limit the creativity. Conformism is a problem in art, if the artist doesn’t reinvent himself frequently, his work will become weak.

CrackMG - Beyond of the topics that we have in each edition. Who are those artists that are your inspiration?

Dimitri Kozma - On Crack Magazine pages, I see a lot of great new artists who surprise me, for example, Agustín Espina, Gerónimo Ribaya, Adolfo Zeevaert, Jhony Velasco, Ronan Honorato Sene, Matucha and Beto França. They have unique styles with strong personality.

CrackMG - What was the moment that you began with this particular style? What was the opinion, about your art, of the people that surround you?

Dimitri Kozma - I’ve started to work with art since I was very young. So my style has been changing with time.
To begin this particular style, it was a evolving process. I had a necessity to get a unique draw style, with his own characteristics, but it doesn’t happen in one day, one work, it’s a process, it takes time, lots of roughs, studies, the feeling if you are going to the right way.

Now this kind of art is what I want to show, what I want to tell now. In the future it will evolve, trying another techniques and styles. That’s an important part of creation process.
It’s hard to tell my particular opinion about my art, because I difficult to be totally impartial, but I like the way the art is going and at most of cases, I achieve the objective that I want with the work.
The people that surround me are great enthusiasts of my art, they support me and encourage to go on, giving sincere opinion.

An interesting fact is that, depending of public, some style makes more success than another. Each style looks like to get more different targets. When working with art, it’s almost impossible to satisfy everyone. And it is great, that’s the magic of art! There’s a famous quote in Brazil, telling something like: “The unanimity is stupid”.

CrackMG - Do you care about critics? Who is, for you, your principal critic?

Dimitri Kozma - It’s not only your feelings that counts, you need the feedback of critics to know if your message is reaching the other point, the real objective of your work, the public.

I like to know what the others are thinking about my work, If the critic is consistent, It really helps improve.

I consider the principal critic of my art it’s myself. I’m a perfectionist and sometimes I’m still looking for defects on old works. If you give time to a work and later you revisit it, you will find other ways to resolve some issues, it’s interesting.

CrackMG - We where looking for your works and we notice that you had work with companies like HP and Walmart. What do you feel about been working with this type of big and multinationals enterprises?

Dimitri Kozma - It’s another part of design. I’s a good challenge help a company to release his message. You are not totally free, you need to follow some rules, some guidelines, it’s a motivating form to working at.
I don’t see any problem to make that guideline art. It’s essential to split the professional side from the personal side.

An important thing is the moral principles. I would never work, for example, for a cigar company, because I don’t want to take part to a murder project.

CrackMG - What is your opinion about this type of digital magazines like Crack MG? That we have as an objective go out of borders and join the different artist of the World.

Dimitri Kozma - Initiatives like Crack MG are crucial to help the independent art grow up in the World. It creates a network of artists and public and bond this in a way that was never seen before. No censorship or barriers. That is the real free art! I’m a big fan of Crack MG.

CrackMG - Can you give an advice to other artists that are just beginning?

Dimitri Kozma - To new artists that are just beginning: Don’t give up! It’s a long way until you find your own style. It’s a lot of work, but it will worth.

Don’t be afraid to show your work on any available form. Even the negative critics, when it has fundament, can help you improve your art. Just ignore the destructive critics (there will be a lot).
Art is a subjective form of expression, so, if the message inside you is really sincere, you will find your right public.

CrackMG - Dimitri, this space is for you, in order to be able to give us some observations if you want to do it, or add another question that is important to you to be show in this interview.

Dimitri Kozma - Thank you very much for this opportunity at Crack MG. A fantastic democratic space to art and opinion.

If anyone would like to contact me, it will be a pleasure.
My personal portfolio you can find at:

My corporative company: (Portuguese language)
My Youtube Channel:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dimitri Kozma's Toy Art Flyer

This is the flyer for the exclusive and hand made Plush doll Toy Art Collection.
For now, it is selling only to Brazil, but soon we will start to sell the toys to the world.

If you are in Brazil and want buy the dolls, please visit the website:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Toy Art - Art Tags Collectibles 1

Bellow you can see the collectibles Art Tags from my Toy Art plush dolls. Each exclusive and hand made doll come with one art tag, like a card. For now, it is selling only to Brazil, but soon we will start to sell the toys to the world.

This is a huge success in Brazil and if you are interested in represent the exclusive toy art in your region, please, contact me by e-mail:

If you are in Brazil and want buy the dolls, please visit the website:

Next time I will post more Art Tags with other characters.
The text is in portuguese, but we will have a english version soon.

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