Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Necrochorume - Horror Short Movie Teaser Trailer

This is the first teaser trailer for our new film, "Necrochorume". Zombies that arise due to environmental disasters. Watch here. Hope you enjoy!

Based on a true research on an environmental problem recurring in some cemeteries from Brazil, came the "Necrochorume", short film that bears the name of the liquid from the decomposition of bodies, which through the underground water table, began to mix to the water intended for human consumption.

The necrochorume through the water, carries the inactivated virus from the dead to the living healthy body, where they become active. In fiction, we work with the first virus that causes a generalized infection, bringing pain fulminating consequent "death" and subsequent zombification of the infected organism.

The transformation is rapid and short focuses on the point of view of a young redneck that is taken by surprise in a family lunch, which takes his girlfriend to be presented. During the brief narrative, Zeca face the dilemma: hunger versus love.

The key point of the film is to show the danger that bureaucracy and lack of care in the cemeteries can bring to the population, within a narrative fantasy of black humor, in which the consumption of contaminated water turns citizens into zombies, causing a growing epidemic, the interior of Brazil for the rest of the world.

Watch the teaser trailer in portuguese.

Screenplay and Direction: Geisla Fernandes
Assistant director: Dimitri Kozma
Executive Producer: Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma
Production: Pamela Jack, Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma
Photo: Dimitri Kozma and René Lolli Muniz
Art Direction: Elise Miyazaki
Assistance of art: Geisla Fernandes
Makeup Effects: Rubens Mello
Edit: Dimitri Kozma
Composition and Digital Effects: Dimitri Kozma
CGI Animation: Dimitri Kozma
Post-production: Vinicius Bock

Patrick MacGuinness, Elise Miyazaki, Pamela Jaque, Alejandro Mangione, Fabiana Ferlin, Rubens Mello, Geisla Fernandes, Dimitri Kozma

Soundtrack: Hitchcocks

Thanks: Vinicius Bock, Tatiane Lion, Fabiana Ferlin, Pamela Jaque, Alejandro Mangione, Olga Birth, Ary Fernandes, "Aunt" Viera.

Production: Orbe Midia Films -

Copyright (c) 2012

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