Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Illustration on ZUPI Art Magazine

One of my paintings was selected to be part of famous art magazine in Brazil, called ZUPI in edition 14 (August 2009). The illustration is Freaky Batman and Robin and I am proud for this recognition of my work.

You can visit the official web site here.

Here are the selected illustration:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Monster - ZBrush modeling

A new ZBrush CGI character made to practice digital sculpture. This time I've tried a monster. No project or previous draw or study, I just start the software with a simple ball and made this monster in a couple of hours.

The image don't have any kind of texture, it's only the 3D mesh, to show the details about the model, like a unpainted sculpture. Look like a little bad, but it's only a experiment...

I hope you like it. Click to enlarge.

Happy Birthday - Painting by Dimitri Kozma

This is a painting called Happy Birthday. Is a little sad, but it's a way to reflect about the life.
Made with traditional technique and digital painted. Click to enlarge.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who am I? (Foots Without Claws) - Video Art - Dimitri Kozma

I have created this experimental video Art based on surrealist song that I have made many years ago, in 1999, called: "Quem Sou? (Pés sem Garras)" translated could be something like "Who am I? (Foots Without Claws)".
It's a audio automatism, with strange lyrics (in portuguese) and disturbing sound.

Part of a experimental project of surrealistic music called "Dimensão 777" (Dimension 777), visit my space page of this project here:

The Dentist - Micro World series

More illustration for this series with this small creatures interacting with bigger ones. Made with pen and paper.

Man's Face Geometric - Illustration

A simple illustration with a man with a sort of geometric face. Just a quick sketch made with pen and paper.

Freaky Jason Voorhees - Illustration by Dimitri Kozma

Freaky style illustration with famous serial killer of slasher movie series friday the 13th.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sexy Girl - Illustration

A very quick vector painting of a sexy woman. Made with Adobe Illustrator and a tablet, using some layer effects. Made in less than 1 hour, just for practice the software. Click to enlarge.

Fat Guy - ZBrush modeling by Dimitri Kozma

Another quick experiment with ZBrush Tool. This time I have made a more cartoonish character, a fat guy, and apply some texture on him. All the process took about 2 work hour.
Click to enlarge.

Square Monster - Illustration

This is a cool character that I've created in a quick sketch.

Birth - Illustration

Freaky illustration with a lady and his little babies...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CGI Woman - ZBrush modeling by Dimitri Kozma

This is a woman made entirely on ZBrush software. I'm new in this program, but I'm thinking she is a very good work of art. Her lines are delicate and the result is a beautiful and attractive woman (bald, but beautiful).

No texture, just to see the sculpture as it is. The entire work take about 1 hour of work. Work with this software is work almost with real clay, and give total freedom for the sculptor.

Click to enlarge...

The Bath - Illustration by Dimitri Kozma

A illustration with this freaky character trying to take a bath without water. Click to enlarge.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Old Man - First ZBrush modeling by Dimitri Kozma

Today I started to work with this incredible CGI modeling software called ZBrush. I really appreciate the first digital sculpture that I have made, very organic and full of details. As a first look in the software, I think the result is pretty good.

I started this modeling from a blank screen, direct on software, no roughs or preview work. The details are best apply on the final texture, with bump mapping and other effects, but for this test, I didn't use any texture, just want to do the object with basic material and no lights and rendering effects, to show the detail level of the sculpture.

Click to enlarge. Enjoy! :-)

The log - Dimitri Kozma

Character strange and surreal. The log. Click to enlarge.

Eating - Painting by Dimitri Kozma

Traditional drawing with digital painting with this big fish eating the small creature. Click to enlarge.

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