Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CGI Boy - Character - Dimitri Kozma

This is a study of a modeling 3D CGI Character boy made by me. I hope you like. I've created this boy to a comic book when I very young (about 8 years old) and I did the mesh model on CGI years later.
See the video of test of model...

Perfil - Dimitri Kozma

A illustration with a perfil of a strange old creature. Made with pen and paper.

The Falling

Painting mixing a variety of techniques, like watercolor and pastel chalk, I call this one as The Falling.

Surreal Automatism - Dimitri Kozma

Another surrealism on automatism... Made with pencil and paper. Each one wave your own interpretation of the art work. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Freaky Simpsons - Dimitri Kozma

Painting based on Matt Groening's creation, The Simpsons. This is my own personal version, with the bizarre look of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, in the freaky style. Made on paper with pen and finished with digital painting making this organic feel.
I hope you like. Click to enlarge.

Land of Eyes - Dimitri Kozma

Painting using a mix os techniques, like pastel chalk, watercolor and more. A Land of Eyes is a work piece to feel and sense. Click to enlarge.

The Old Guy - Dimitri Kozma

A cartoon with a bad mood old guy, made with pencil and paper. Click to enlarge.

Bizarre Figure - Dimitri Kozma

This a bizarre character created using pencil and paper. Click to enlarge.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feeding - Dimitri Kozma

I like this painting, made with watercolor and black pen. The composition is surreal, but have a good feelings. Click to enlarge.

The melteds - Dimitri Kozma

The melteds is more of my art using the grotesque style. Disturbing work made with pencil and paper.

Crying at the Living Room - Dimitri Kozma

This is a strange illustration, mixing emotions. I'd like each one who see this work, have your own interpretation and feelings.
For me, it's a disturbing work, mixing the innocent style of characters with a hard feelings of the scene.
Made with pencil and paper.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Surreal Creatures - Dimitri Kozma

I have made this painting using traditional techniques, like Ecoline (Liquid Watercolour) and pastel sticks.
I think this is a interesting piece of work, with this variety of geometrical shapes creatures in a organic background. Click to enlarge.

CGI Advertising - Dimitri Kozma

I have made this 3D CG Illustrations for a magazine advertising for a healthcare company. I'm using "children style" graphics to make the compositions, looking like a plasticine clay toy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Eating - Dimitri Kozma

Mixing traditional drawing style with digital painting, I have made " The Eating". Is part of a project to a chindren illustrated magazine.

Woman Portrait - Dimitri Kozma

This is a girl portrait made with pencil and paper. Click to enlarge.

The Square Creature - Dimitri Kozma

This is a strange and bizarre smoking square creature. Made in line art, was created with pen and paper. Click to enlarge.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freaky Batman & Robin - Dimitri Kozma

A painting of my freaky style of the Dynamic Duo from DC Comix, Batman and Robin.
I like this piece of work, with this looking like fragile characters and his strange lifeless eyes. Made mixing traditional draw technique and digital finishing.

The Mermaid - Dimitri Kozma

Illustration with a desperate dry mermaid. Made with pen and paper. Click to enlarge.

Abstract Liquid - Dimitri Kozma

This is a experimental painting called Abstract Liquid. I have used Gouache, watercolor and paper.

Freaky Dog

An illustration made by pencil and paper. The Freaky Dog!

Business Card - Dimitri Kozma

My new business card. The idea is making some options, each one with a different illustration and style, making something like a card collection.

The card illustration was made by hand, using bold pen. The composition was made digitally, with texture complement on the background.

The direct link to my portfolio is www.orbemidia.com/dimitrikozma

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Candle and the Faces - Dimitri Kozma

This is a surreal painting made in 1999. "The Candle and the Faces" is like a experience on a dream (or nightmare) world and was made with Spray Paint and Pastel Sticks. Click to enlarge.

Little Monsters - Sculpture - Dimitri Kozma

This is some of small scultures of little cartoon monsters that I have created a long time ago.
They are really very small, about 5 cm height and was made with Epoxy Resin and painted with plastic paint.

Friday, June 19, 2009

CGI Pig - Dimitri Kozma

This CGI was made for a bank marketing campain with this is a simpactic pork pig in a pile of money.

See the video test of the model:

The Bathtub - Dimitri Kozma

One illustration of Freaky style. I like thiss guy trying to take a bath in a empty bathtub. Made with paper and pen only. Click to enlarge.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Creatures - Dimitri Kozma

Painting with a bunch of strange little monsters. The kids love it. :-)
Made by hand with pen and paper and post production on digital painting.

Surreal Illustrations - Dimitri Kozma

These ilustrations below use the Psychic Automatism technique as form to make surreal images and feelings.
"Pure psychic automatism" was how André Breton defined surrealism, and while the definition has proved capable of significant expansion, automatism remains of prime importance in the movement.

Remaking Picasso - Dimitri Kozma

This is a different art experience that I have done. I got a Pablo Picasso's Painting and recreate it in my own style using pencil and paper only. Click to enlarge.

Original Pablo Picasso's Painting

Dimitri Kozma Style Picasso's Remake

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Claudia - Dimitri Kozma

This portrait was made with pencil on paper. I appreciate the final result, like the way the shadows interact with the face and the expression sounds realistic o me.

Radar - Character - Dimitri Kozma

I have created this 3D CGI "big-eye-robot" character called Radar to interact with a real life actor for a multimedia training video.
In the future, I'm thinking to make a animated short with him.

Now, take a look in some images of this training video.

See the video test of the model:

Martin, The Devil - Toy Art - Dimitri Kozma

This is Martin, The Devil. The character is part of my Plushie Toy Art colection, you can know more about the toys here, on the store site (www.orbemidia.com/my).

The painting is the first version of the character (without the eyebrows), and was made only on traditional way, using pastel sticks. No digital touch in this one.

And here is the picture of the real Plushie Toy. Martin is a really loved character.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Totem Building - Dimitri Kozma

Totem Building is one of my favorites paintings. Work with surreal and grotesque at the same time. Was made mixing traditional technique and digital painting. Click to enlarge.

The Tree - Dimitri Kozma

This illustration is called "The Tree". In the future I will make a color version for this one. Like the idea of this lonely hidden character.

The Meat Guy - Dimitri Kozma

I made this painting with colored pencil in traditional technique. Was used for a web game called "The Meat Guy". Click to enlarge.

Living Model - Naked Woman - Dimitri Kozma

Living model studies of nudit human female body anatomy. Made just with pencil.

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