Saturday, May 26, 2012

TEASER TRAILER - "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures"

Release of teaser trailer for my new film, a dark comedy with horror. "Horário Nobre ou Banquete Para Urubus - Sexo e Violência na TV!" or "Prime Time or Feast For Vultures - Sex and Violence on TV!"

"A Family Movie for Daddy, Mommy, the baby, the daughter and the whole family to enjoy!"

Written and Directed by Dimitri Kozma
With: Marcelo Galbetti, Elaine Thrash Oliveira, Rubens Mello, Alejandro Ferraiolo Mangione, Geisla Fernandes, Barbara Manoela Bijos Maués. Produced by Dimitri Kozma, Renata Moura, Geisla Fernandes, Fabiana Ferlin and Pamela Jaque.

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