Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teaser Poster for the new horror movie from the Brazilian "Corte Seco"

As some readers of my art blog knows, I am member of an Brazilian independent film production company called "Corte Seco" (something like "Dry Cutting", in English), with some friends.

We are currently in production of a new indie horror Brazilian film that will "shake some brains". I can not say much about the plot, but soon you will know.

Meanwhile, stay with the first teaser poster...

Soon "Corte Seco" will be back with much more thirst for blood in a movie for the whole family fun ...

With Dimitri Kozma, Geisla Fernandes, Rubens Mello, Elaine Thrash, Marcelo Galbetti, Alejandro Ferraiolo, Pamela Jaque.

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