Sunday, July 25, 2010

ANIMAMUNDI - Web&Cel voting postponed!

I just got this message from Animamundi. Please, guys, if you can help and spread this, will make a big difference! :-)

Dear friends,
A little bit of suspense doesn't hurt anyone!
We've decided to postpone the announcement for the Anima Mundi Web & Cel 2010 to the last day of the Festival in Sao Paulo on Sunday August 1st.

With this, the voting has also been postponed to Saturday July 31st!
If you haven't voted yet, this is a good opportunity to watch the films and take part in the Cyber Jury!
Your help is very important. Vote is fast and easy, just make your login  on Animamundi website and click on 5 star on the animation page. Please, vote in both movies to increase the chances.

Enter on the links bellow to vote: (it's in portuguese)

Constelação (Constellation)

O Colecionador (The Collector)

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