Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dynamic Robot Scene - CGI by Dimitri Kozma

This is a scene created to ad the Dynamic Room company. The Dynamic Robots doing his works.

That's some reviews of this illustration posted in a art website:

"Very Pixar"
"This is one of those really interesting shots where you double-think yourself into enjoying looking at it. I mean, we're not fooled: this is clearly a 3D model, but our minds look past that and become so engrossed in the characters and their actions that the medium is completely moot. The use of only four colors (white, grey, blue, red) in your materials is also very nice, and the models are actually pretty low-detail, but the image is still so captivating. I really like it!"

"you brought the fact that we "people" use mainly just use one of our senses to do mostly everything we do. but then you added something else... our reliance on our eyes is what binds our other senses together in a graceful singularity of fluid action. nice job!!! :D"


Anonymous said...

well conceived and executed!

Dimitri Kozma said...

Thank you Sami! :-)

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