Monday, February 8, 2010

Woman in PMS - Painting

New Illustration is a funny cartoon freaky style called "Woman in PMS". Created in digital format.

I've tried to explain all about PMS (Postmenstrual syndrome) in only one image, with a little devil in her head controling all her movements. Don't call me sexist, but this painting it's just true. :-P

Click to enlarge.

What is PMS? According to wikipedia:
Postmenstrual syndrome (PMS) (also called PMT or premenstrual tension) is a collection of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. While most women of child-bearing age (up to 85%) report having experienced physical symptoms related to normal ovulatory function, such as bloating or breast tenderness, medical definitions of PMS are limited to a consistent pattern of emotional and physical symptoms occurring only during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle that are of "sufficient severity to interfere with some aspects of life". These symptoms are usually predictable and occur regularly during the ten days prior to menses. Generally, symptoms may vanish either shortly before or after the start of menstrual flow. Only a small percentage of women (2 to 5%) have significant premenstrual symptoms that are separate from the normal discomfort associated with menstruation in healthy women.

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