Friday, November 13, 2009

VIRTUAL TOY - Free Tamagotchi Game

Welcome to Virtual Toy, a Tamagotchi game!
You will take care of a Virtual Pet in Tamagoshi classic style, with his own individual characteristics.

Each time the AI will have some attitudes and behaviors Unpredictable. The goal is to evolve your pet so that it grows healthy and happy.

Many of the factors that influence their behavior can be controlled with the icons at the top of the screen, others are due to the character or external elements, such as the time you play. At night, for example, your pet becomes sleepy.

SOME Features
- Day & Night
- Toy thinks and speaks (a sort of)
- Real physiological functions
- Different Toys and styles
- Individual characteristics
- and more! play and enjoy!
- When study, the pet speech improves with famous quotes.

Choose the egg and care your pet toy!

Online the new version (1.2) of my classic Tamagotchi game. Some of new features of this version:
- The graphics are improved
- You can choose one of 12 different characters
- Improved Artificial intelligence
- New effects


Food – To Feed your starving pet.
Liquid – Give it to your pet not die of thirst.
Medication – If he gets sick, give this or he can die.
Clean – Keep the room clean and clear. Good for healty.
Play – Your Toy needs to have fun too.
Study – Soon your pet will develop new skills, as talking.
Punch – Sometimes you can beat him, but carefully.
Like – Bring many benefits to your pet.
Light – If you it turn off, your pet feel more sleep and the temperature fall. If the lights is Turned On, temperature increase
Thermometer – If goes down, your pet feel cold. to rise, feel the heat.
Save Button – Save your current pet.
Load Button – Load your last saved pet.
Sound button – Enable / Disable sound.
Background button – Change the background.


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