Saturday, June 13, 2009

Introduction - Welcome!

This is my first post and I'd lke to use this space to introduce myself.

My name is Dimitri Kozma and I am a plastic artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now I'm living in Vancouver, Canada.

I'm work with many kinds of art. Illustration, Painting, Sculpture, Movie, Photo, Literature, Game Art, Multimedia, Graphic Design, and more.

My favorite style is the surrealism, but I like to travel between styles, passing free by humor, horror, abstract, pop art, experimental, and everything else, with no limit for the creative impulse.

The purpose of this blog is show the art from any kind and form... Not just mine, but of course, you see a lot of my work here too. ;-)

If you want to know about my work, you can find more information on:

Orbe Midia - Communication Agency

MY Fashion - Toy Art

Selected Portfolio

Youtube Channel

DeviantART Dimitri Kozma



Videolog Channel

Vimeo Channel

Viddler Channel

Dimensao 777 - Experimental Music

Blog "Sopa de Cérebro" (in portuguese)

Virtual Hard Disk - Free Download Files

Blue Canvas

Justin TV Dimitri Kozma Channel:

My social network contacts:





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